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What role can businesses play?

You can support family-friendly environments…for everyone.


Businesses have a wonderful capacity to give in many different ways, and they often have a valuable network of contacts. The efforts you put into helping families are amplified when you share these opportunities to contribute with your employees and customers.

We know that some of the ideas in this website may not be applicable during the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing is required. We have still included these ideas as we hope this website will be used long after the risks of COVID-19 are no longer present. For more information about resources available during the pandemic, visit the Yolo County COVID-19 Resource List.

What can you do?
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Promote a culture where it is okay for employees to reach out and ask for help.
Pay a living wage.
Provide family-friendly work policies.
Support community organizations and events that strengthen families.
Share information about how employees and patrons can support and strengthen families.
Learn more about how businesses and business leaders can play a part in child abuse prevention.
Help others learn about Strong Families Yolo!
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