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What role can friends play?

As a trusted friend, you're often the one parents turn to when they feel scared, depressed, or overwhelmed — or to share moments of joy. You see a lot.


Listening is so important. Sometimes, it’s the most important thing we do. Asking “How can I help?” and “What do you need?” can go a long way.

We know that some of the ideas in this website may not be applicable during the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing is required. We have still included these ideas as we hope this website will be used long after the risks of COVID-19 are no longer present. For more information about resources available during the pandemic, visit the Yolo County COVID-19 Resource List.

What can you do?
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Be the One for parents.
Be the One for children and families.
Learn how to get involved if you are concerned.
Help families in need of concrete support.
Help others learn about Strong Families Yolo!
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