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What role can neighbors play?

Connected communities are healthier communities, and you can turn your street, your block, or your part of town into a place where children are cared for and parents are supported.


Invest a little time now in creating an environment in which everyone looks out for each other so that your neighbors will be more likely to come to you when there’s a problem.


Even if you’re not the person emotionally closest to a parent, you may be the nearest helping hand. You can offer tangible and immediate assistance.

We know that some of the ideas in this website may not be applicable during the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing is required. We have still included these ideas as we hope this website will be used long after the risks of COVID-19 are no longer present. For more information about resources available during the pandemic, visit the Yolo County COVID-19 Resource List.

What can you do?
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Get to know your neighbors.
Be the One for your neighbors.
Be the One for children and youth.
Help others learn about Strong Families Yolo!
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